QDN506 Patch Pony block              (easy)  

This is one of a series of pieced animal block (only) patterns that I've designed. If you can cut and sew accurately you can piece this block. It finishes to 12" x 12" so you can substitute it for any 12" block in any quilt. Instructions for setting into a quilt are not included with the pattern but you can download them here.

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Note: This is an updated version of a 9" pony block
quilt previously published by Quilt Design NW

12" x 12" block

rice: 4.00 + shipping    

-View pattern cover/back for fabric requirements

Downloadable version of Patch Pony now also available for purchase on Etsy!

Bonus! Download cutting instructions for a 6" block (you will still need the pattern in order to make the block.





To the right is Linda Hudock's Patch Pony quilt. She wanted her ponies to stand on the sashing so instead of putting a green grass patch at the bottom of the block, she cut an additional background patch (same size as the grass patch) and sewed it to the top of the block.



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