10/24/17 - QDN126 Gift Wrapped

B & C block labels in Gift Wrapped assembly diagram are reversed on some copies. Click here to get the correction to Gift Wrapped assembly diagram
4/14/2014 - QDN166 Bride's Garden

Some customers have reported that their template patterns did not fit correctly and were possibly too small. Although I cannot verify that there is a problem (my printed versions are correct) you can click here to get verified correct versions of the templates.

The size check box on some printed versions was not corrected and that problem has been fixed on this PDF as well.
3/2014 - Q156 Typhoon Swirl

Correction to cutting - click here 
Correction to some versions of Typhoon Swirl pattern, click here.

7/19/2011 - Q143/MR143 Falling into Autumn
On page 9 :

For a side border join 24 half-square triangle units....

 For top & bottom borders join 22 half-square triangle units...

11/30/2011 - Q126/MR126 Gift Wrapped
On back:

Chart headers for fabric requirements should read in order : Throw, Twin, Queen.               
 Download a pdf of the corrected back here.


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