Q197 - Directions

Directions is an easy-to-sew, rotary-cut and machine-pieced quilt. Use fabric in gradations of value going from medium light to medium dark with a very dark fabric for the ‘arrows’ pointing the direction (as in the black & white cover quilt), or go from a medium dark to a medium light fabric with a very light fabric for the arrows. Fabrics can all be in one color family or a variety of colors for a different look. Either way the arrows point the direction.

Pattern in 2 sizes:
Throw - 60" x 72"
Queen - 90" x 98"

-View pattern cover/back

Price: $10.0

Downloadable version of Directions pattern now also available for purchase on Etsy!


 Fabrics in throw quilts shown from Banyan Batiks’ Ride On III collection





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