Q160/MR-160 Granny's Favorite               (easy)

I still like to snuggle up under an afghan that my grandmother made for me years ago. She used many colors to crochet the Granny squares, then set them together using yet another yarn. Granny’s Favorite simulates the look of that afghan. This easy-to-make strip-pieced quilt may take you on your own journey down memory lane.

Throw 571/2" x 70"             

Throw: 571/2" x 70"
Queen comforter: 90" x 90"

Price: $9.50

-View pattern cover/back for fabric requirements

Error correction for early version of the pattern.

This throw is made from Northcott's Rhapsody collection.


Below, a couple more quilts made with Andover's Belle Fleur collection

Error correction: for early versions of the pattern
(before April 2013):

For Fabrics B 1-4, stripset 3 strips for the throw quilt only.
Change to read:

Cut 2 @ 1" x 1/2 WOF
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