Meet Marje Rhine                 

I made my first quilt in 1969 to take to college with me. I don't know why I felt I needed a quilt but it, ultimately, led me on the journey to here.

For 20+ years I work as a mainframe systems programmer and IT manager, first for banks then at NIKE (a great place to work BTW). In 1999 after my Y2K project work was done I decided it was time to switch careers. My friend, Julie, had a quilt shop at the time and gave me the chance to teach quilting for her. As a joke I took home some of her fabric that was not selling and designed a pattern using the fabric. Both sold out so my new career as a quilt pattern designer started.

I like to think up new and better ways to do things. I used to hate paper piecing, especially tearing out the paper so I devised my own methods for paper piecing which were published in my book Painless Paper Piecing. The book (out of print but still available used online) tells you how to reuse your plain (not freezer paper) paper pattern many times. It also tells you how you can quickly and accurately place the fabric on the foundation for sewing. No more ripping out.

A few years ago I started designing my own continuous line quilting designs for use with my longarm. I used EQ as my design program and then colored in the designs so I could better see if the shapes were good. This led eventually to my series of Continuous Line Machine Applique patterns. (More info on the technique here).

In 2008 (I think it was 2008) I became pattern editor for American Quilter magazine. It is now 2011 and I am still designing and editing- not much teaching however. Something had to give. You can sometimes see me and my patterns in my Quilt Design NW booth at quilt shows in the Pacific NW.


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