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Quick Sew 'bud' Units

OK, so I don't really know what this unit is really called so I call it a 'bud' unit. I was inspired to find a quick way to sew it when I recently started using the "No waste Method for Making Flying Geese Units" published by Patti R. Anderson see

I am designing a quilt with many flying geese and there are many of these 'bud' blocks in my design as well. It occurred to me that this is also a common unit worthy of a quick and easy piecing method. Here's how I did it.

Image1.jpg (4580 bytes)
This unit uses two (or more) fabrics. For purpose of these instructions the 'bud' is the center square of the finished unit and the leaves are the triangles to either side of the 'bud'.

Cut two bud squares to the size designated by the pattern or directions. Cut two leaf fabric rectangles with one side equal to the side of a bud square and one side equal to the side of a bud square + 3/4". Sew the bud square to the leaf rectangles as shown in Diagram 1.

Image2.jpg (7676 bytes)

Diagram 1



Sew these two patches together on the long side to form a rectangle as shown in Diagram 2.

Image3.jpg (6583 bytes)

Diagram 2





Using a rotary cutting ruler with 45 angle and 1/4" markings, position the ruler over the block such that the 45 line is along the edge of the block and the 1/4" line barely touches the point of the bud patch.

Image4.jpg (12442 bytes)

Cut along the ruler edge. You now have two bud units and the added bonus is that one side of the unit is trimmed for proper alignment to an adjacent patch!

Image5.jpg (8070 bytes)

Diagram 4

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