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Inside-Out Flowers

Sometimes people have trouble following instructions to make Inside-out Flowers beyond step 5.  The trick of Inside-out Flowers is to always fold the sides up along the fold lines shown in step 5. I think an easier way to visualize what needs to be done might be as follows :

Once you have finished step 5 lay the square out as shown in step 5. Fold opposite sides of the square up as shown .
Take a small tack stitch across the middle, where the pin is in the jpg

ioflow_1.JPG (11508 bytes)
Then fold the remaining sides towards the middle and tack where the pin is as shown ------> ioflow_2.JPG (5134 bytes)
Flip the side triangles from the back and
your square should now have the 'ears' as shown. To improve the appearance of your flowers finger press these ears first one direction (ie. to the left) and then the other. Then flatten them as show in figure 8 in the book and follow the rest of the book's instructions.
ioflow_3.JPG (4676 bytes)

I've worked up some other tips for Inside-Out flowers that are available here in PDF form - ioflower_tips.pdf

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