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Chain & Hourglass Variation- Baby Quilt










Finished size :  35x 42

7-1/2  blocks



Fabric requirements (42 fabric)


Fabric A:  19


Fabric B:  19

Fabric C:  16  (border)


From Fabric A:  Cut one strip 8-3/4 long. Cut three strips 3 wide.

From Fabric B:  Cut one strip 8-3/4 long. Cut three strips 3 wide.

From Fabric C: Cut 4 strips 4-1/4 wide.


Put right sides of  Fabric A and Fabric B 8-3/4 strips together. Cut these layered strips into four 8-3/4 squares.  Leaving fabrics right side together cut each square on the diagonal to create four smaller triangles.

With Fabric A on top sew, each of the layered triangles as shown.  Press seam of triangles towards darker fabric.  Sew  two of triangles  together to form a square.  Repeat until you have eight squares.

From Fabric A 3 strips and remaining 8-3/4 strip cut sixteen 3x8 rectangles.

From Fabric B 3 strips and remaining 8-3/4 strip cut  fifteen 3x8 rectangles.

Position square blocks and rectangles as shown in diagram and sew together.


For border, cut two 4-1/4 strips and two 2-3/4" strips from Fabric C.  Sew the wide strips to side of quilt first then sew the narrow strips to the top.

 General instructions for sandwiching, turning and quilting/tying baby quilts: Lay batting on a flat surface and smooth.  Place flannel-backing fabric over batting, soft (right) side up, and smooth.  Place quilt top, right side down, on top of flannel and smooth. Pin around edges then machine stitch a generous around outside of quilt top, leaving about a 10 opening to turn the quilt.  Trim backing and batting. Through the opening, turn the quilt sandwich so right side of the quilt top is facing out.  Whipstitch or machine stitch the opening closed.  Pin sandwich as necessary then machine quilt from edge of quilt. Machine quilt or tie such that quilting lines or ties are no more than 4" apart.


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